July 12-15 (Red) & July 16-19 (Gray)

This year, we are at Camp Chautauqua in Miamisburg, OH.  The facilities are perfect for Impact and boast of lots of cool amenities in a central location.


Impact is known for worship and services that are off the charts.  Our worship team is led by an amazing team of leaders who are passionate and high energy.  Our team is made up of musicians and singers from across our region. The unity and excitement we experience when hundreds of young people are singing whole heartedly in worship is almost unexplainable.


Impact is known for daily competitions that are crazy and intense.  Each student will meet their team and get to know young people from all over our region.  They will unite as they decide on a name and strategy for the games.  They laugh together, sweat together, and end up being life-long friends as they encourage each other to dig deep and give their all for the team.


Marissa Rosario

Ryan Cathers

Brandon Peterson



Cost: $325.00